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Recallchek finds any manufacturer recalls on appliances in the home, and allows you to get them fixed for free!
90Day Warranty covers the systems and structures that I find to be in good working order at the time of the inspection. This structural and mechanical warranty is saving homeowners big bucks on unforeseen repairs!

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An experienced inspector will prepare your Home
Inspection Reports with easy-to-read details on:

  • Home Inspection Services
  • Radon, Mold and Lead Testing
  • The condition of every major component from the roof to the basement
  • Major and minor deficiencies
  • Any major expenditures necessary
  • What to watch out for
  • Helpful home preservation tips
  • Safety concerns
  • And much more

Our Home Inspector will review the detailed report with you to make sure you understand everything and answer any remaining questions.

Radon Testing

Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family’s health. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. The U.S. Surgeon General and EPA recommend that all homes be tested for the presence of radon. Thorough Home Inspection Services is a qualified radon testing service, having completed the Radon Measurement Operator Proficiency course. We use measuring devices that are placed in the lowest level of the residence for a period of 48 hours, with the results available at the end of the test.

To learn more about radon and view a citizens guide to radon, go to
EPAs Website

or view the EPAs Home Buyer or Seller’s Guide

Mold Inspection

There are many areas in every home where mold growth can be hiding. A professional mold inspection can help you identify those areas where mold is actively growing in your home. Mold inspections will often reveal multiple areas of mold contamination which effectively have a cumulative effect equal to that of a very large area.
Mold and moisture inspections are always recommended even when mold contamination is not present in a building. These inspections are performed for individuals suffering from health problems believed to be related to poor indoor air quality, as well as, during real estate transactions, and litigation between buyers/sellers, tenants/landlords, or claimants and insurance companies. Because indoor mold is a direct cause of so many health problems, a mold inspection is a wise investment for everyone, not just those who are already suffering symptoms.

Lead Based Paint Testing

Due to the health hazards of lead poisoning, the government banned the use of lead-based paint in 1978. Although some lead based paint was used in 80% of pre-1978 housing, its mere presence does not constitute a health hazard. Properly maintained and managed, lead-based paint poses little health risk to most people. However, one of the first things many people do when moving into a new house is to start sanding, painting, remodeling, etc. This easily generates lead based paint chips that can be picked up and ingested by small children or LBP dust that can be breathed by pregnant women and small children.
The three most accurate and non-evasive methods of testing are: (1)Visual inspections of paint in many cases can confirm the presence of lead (2) a soil and paint chip analysis that will usually examine and take samples of 5-6 areas of the home likely to contain lead based paint; (3) the third way is by means of an XRF machine (x-ray florescence machine) that takes x-rays of the walls in the house. Thorough Home Inspection Services is state licensed to perform Lead Based Paint inspections

Termite Inspection

Maryland Roof Inspections

Wood destroying insects and other organisms can cause serious problems in the wood structural components of a house and may go undetected for a long period of time. A termite inspection is included in all our home inspection packages, saving you money and time in one appointment. Thorough Home Inspection Services starts with a full termite inspection which includes visual and probing methods. We will look for termite mud tubes, tunnels, and wings on window ledges, door frames, and in boiler rooms. Termite damaged wood beams, joists, and wood support columns in your basement and garage are also inspected.

Water Testing

Drinking water may contain several contaminants, some of which are hazardous, and some are not. Public water supplies are tested by the utility, and must meet stringent EPA standards. Nevertheless, even when the public water supply is safe, problems can originate in the distribution system.
LEAD – Drinking water may be contaminated with lead. This problem may originate with the piping, fittings and fixtures in the home. Over time, water that is acidic or soft, may have a corrosive effect on piping, fittings and fixtures, and cause the lead to leach into the water.
SODIUM – Homes that use water-softening systems may have excessive amounts of sodium in the water. Persons on a sodium-restricted diet may be affected. Water from a softener may contain 100 mg/l of sodium or more.
BACTERIA – Well water may become contaminated with bacteria resulting from faulty septic tanks or decayed organic matter that may have washed into the well. Dug wells are particularly susceptible. Water is analyzed for coliform bacteria to determine whether or not it is potable.
pH – Acid rain leaching into the soil has caused some water to be acidic (low pH). Acidic water can cause deterioration of pipes.

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